Sandburg’s own DJ “Wheathin” looks to expand music career

December 23, 2015

Rising DJ’s Ethan Snoreck’s profile picture for his EDM music


Rising DJ’s Ethan Snoreck’s profile picture for his EDM music

As electronic dance music charmed the ears of society, it particularly stuck out to Ethan Snoreck, ratherly known as Wheathin, who is not only a music producer, but also a student at Carl Sandburg High School. With support from several DJs around the United States and over 2.21 M plays for his hit song “XE3” on soundcloud, Wheathin finds himself on the rise to fame.

His interest not only sparked from a love for the sound of techno music, but an experience he had with an application on his IPad called Garage Band. Quickly, he found himself using advanced software, specifically Ableton Live. This software is used by other famous DJs such as Kaskade and Armin Van Buuren. Without any prior knowledge on how to use the program, Wheathin used it to create songs enjoyed by millions.

Ethan said “It is all on the computer. I have a couple mini instruments, like keyboards and stuff, but you don’t need them that much.”

“Wheathin” DJ logo representing his electronic music
“Wheathin” DJ logo representing his electronic music

After mastering his software, he released “XE3,” which instantly was receiving feedback, not only from music listeners, but acclaimed DJs. The first response was from Skrillex, the DJ who made dubstep its own genre. This happened when Skrillex featured “XE3” on his “Skrillex Selects”, a playlist series that Skrillex posts every couple months singling out less popular songs for his fans to enjoy. After this, Ethan found his music being played by other DJs, and then amazingly on the live set of a well-known DJ by the name of Zed’s Dead. His music was most popular and seen, in vines and on soundcloud from his most popular song XE3.

What made Ethan Snoreck begin his music was one of edm’s biggest innovators, Skrillex. What also influences him presently is Flume, which enlightened him with the idea of his stage name ‘Wheathin’. Ethan explained how he was messing around with nicknames one night and ‘Wheathin” stuck out to him and he particularly liked it because it sounded similar to ‘Ethan’. In regards to his music, Ethan has much higher ambitions.

He said, “If I could play at any festival it would be Coachella or Lollapalooza.” Ethan Snoreck is very hopeful for his future, he plans this year to be playing at even larger and more well-known sets. For example, on the several stages at Spring Awakening or Electric Forest. His intents for this year also include, to go to every festival possible in order to get more acquainted within the music industry, hoping for his own show one day. He recently flew out to New York to talk to Atlantic Records about furthering his talents in being a producer, and for consideration of his music. His current manager also manages another group known as Louis the Child, with whom he has become good friends with. They are also a young group, one of them is a senior while the other members are in college.

Ethan passionately shares, “Being a DJ is all I want. Why would you settle for anything less.” Overall, there is no where else Ethan Snoreck would rather be with his music; he is completely devoted and committed, aiming high, and hoping for prosperity in his DJ career.

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