New year, new you: students share their New Year’s resolutions

March 28, 2016

Erin Pocza and Laine Mackle, seniors, tackle their new year’s resolutions to “get fit” in their PE class.

Erin Pocza and Laine Mackle, seniors, tackle their new year’s resolutions to “get fit” in their PE class.

Photo by LadiesGetFit Instagram

Photo by LadiesGetFit Instagram

Erin Pocza and Laine Mackle, seniors, tackle their new year’s resolutions to “get fit” in their PE class.

Let’s talk about those jeans that used to fit you, where now your booty bursts the seams. Or maybe the fact that you know you aren’t drinking nearly enough water. Why wait until a new year to decide to change yourself and your ambitions? Fundamentally, you could start any day. Here’s Sandburg’s students honest opinion about the truth and or lies of New Year’s resolutions and if they have any of their own.

Chloe Detlefsen, sophomore, had some particularly intriguing thoughts about the promises made to a new year. She recollected that she had made resolutions as far back as five years, all related to the progress of benefiting her health.

“For example, less heat on my hair, and eating healthier,” said Detlefsen.

However, her goals throughout the years never lasted as long as she would have liked, ending within the first two months of its existence. She would eventually forget about its importance and relapse back to her old, inconsistent ways. But this 2015-2016 New Year was unique for her. She had aligned what was best for her before the new year began, instead of afterwards.

“I think you can change yourself at any point, and I think New Year’s Day shouldn’t define that,” said Detlefsen.

She refuses to give up on her resolution and plans to keep her progression as stable as possible because she believes that she has the drive and capacity to fulfill them.

But not everyone thinks new year resolutions are necessary for setting successful goals. Some have expressed the attitude that one can set a goal for themselves at any point in time, as long as one can still be dedicated to and organized with that resolution.

The next resolutioner was senior, Jibreel Brown. He had numerous hopes for himself for this fresh 2016 year. His first goal was to recover back to health and rejoin to his upcoming sports, as over the past semester he has been injured. Brown tore his ACL in his left knee during the football game against Lincoln Way East last fall. He is planning to achieve this goal by receiving additional help from physical therapists.

Next, he hopes to attend a four-year university and receive a scholarship. He has clarified that he has already gotten multiple scholarships, but is planning on discovering scholarships from more desirable and prestigious schools that fit his interests, like the University of Iowa or Missouri.

“Third: is to be the GREATEST at any sport I do,” said Brown, in reference to his other resolutions.

He plans to attain this target by the continuous and extreme workouts he does each week for his athletics.

“I feel New Year’s resolutions are as relevant as the people who make them,” said Brown.
He is fully committed to his 2016 goals and has no other intention but to follow through with them.

Torrance Flowers, senior, has had quite the head start to his New Year’s resolution, and doesn’t plan to slow down, either! Since his sophomore year at Carl Sandburg High School, Torrance has lost 50 lbs, and plans for this year to lose 50 more. He currently has left off at losing 12 lbs so far.

“I’m doing this for personal gain, it helps to feel better about yourself,” said Flowers.

Torrance understands the hard work and dedication that needs to be present in order to accomplish this goal and plans to keep a consistent mindset and go after it with full force.

So this is for the next time you want to tell yourself, ‘Just one more pizza slice’.

Goals are only as strong as the devotion you put into them. We all know the temptations of just watching Netflix rather than moving your stationary bike, or even a person’s love for donuts and macaroni and cheese rather than the gluten free bread that tastes like paper. It’s never too late to start over, chances are, if you weren’t happy yesterday, then you won’t be satisfied with your tomorrow. Therefore, don’t stay stuck. Do better.

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