How to be a human: a tutorial by a seasoned human

March 28, 2016

Seasoned human and Sandburg senior David Gleisner displays the disposition of a human who successfully follows these steps.

Seasoned human and Sandburg senior David Gleisner displays the disposition of a human who successfully follows these steps.

Photo by David Gleisner’s Twitter

Photo by David Gleisner’s Twitter

Seasoned human and Sandburg senior David Gleisner displays the disposition of a human who successfully follows these steps.

Hello there! I see you have expressed interest in becoming a human being. Being human is highly complicated, but also interesting and beautiful. Here are are the basic steps to becoming a part of the vast interconnected community known as humanity.

Step 1: Occupy a human body

Having a body is a very important part of being a human. This body can be big or small, tall or short, fat or skinny; remember, everyone’s is different. With a body, you are well on your way to becoming a true human.

Step 2: Have a brain

Another part of what makes humans unique is the mind. It can grow and expand so we can create great things and even make life better for our fellow humans. Your brain will allow you to do anything from solving equations and contemplating the existence of parallel universes to experiencing true joy and sorrow and communicating these feelings with others. It can certainly be a complex thing, and for some people it is difficult to figure out how to properly manage the power of thoughts and emotions. That, however, is where this next tip comes in.

Step 3: Be accepting of others

Now that you are becoming human, you are starting to see the differences that make humanity so complex. When you see or interact with people who are different from you, remember that these people have the same basic makeup as you; they’re humans too! Rather than alienating those who are different, which might be your first instinct, embrace these differences and understand that they make the world a better place. In questioning whether to judge people, use this basic rule of thumb: do their decisions or actions harm you or others in any way? If the answer is no, don’t judge, but rather try to accept them and see how they, just as much as you, add value to the world. It’s as simple as that.

Step 4: Be insecure, but accept yourself

This one is definitely confusing, but I assure you everyone is insecure; it’s just part of being human. However, the fact that everyone is insecure certainly doesn’t mean everyone is miserable. Sure, our insecurities can get to us sometimes, but another essential is learning to recognize your own worth. Now that you have a mind and are starting to use it, you are forming something called an identity. This identity is embedded within you; it is not easily changed. You can of course make changes and improvements in your life, but your identity will always remain. In order to live a fulfilling life as a human, it is important to realize this and accept yourself, just as you accept others.

Step 5: Do what you can to make the world better for others

In your learning so far, I’m sure you have developed something called empathy; as Atticus Finch would say, “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” Given that, you may see something that disappoints you and want to change it. Now, the final step will come in. With your distinct set of abilities as a human, you are now able to provide services to others, and this, along with your desire to create change, will allow you to make improvements to the world around you. Making a difference in a world of seven billion people may sound like quite a monumental task, but by doing what you can to help others, you are changing the world in your own small way. A good first step to start: give someone a compliment. Just telling your friend that you like her outfit or letting your buddy know that he did a good job on his presentation can make a positive impact with very little effort. From there, you can just keep trying to do whatever you can to make others’ lives better, and see how the world opens up in front of you.


With these five guidelines, you are well on your way to becoming a successful and productive human. Use this list as a starting point for your journey through life. Remember, the events and moments you experience in life will not always go your way, but if you keep these guidelines in mind through all the trials and tribulations you confront, I assure you that you will improve not only your own life, but also the lives of those around you.

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