Who’s got talent? Sandburg, that’s who. You know it’s true.

March 28, 2016

Sophomore Hannah Sulllivan played a piece from Pirates of the Caribbean

Sophomore Hannah Sulllivan played a piece from Pirates of the Caribbean

Photo by RIddhi Patel

Photo by RIddhi Patel

Sophomore Hannah Sulllivan played a piece from Pirates of the Caribbean

On January 22, Sandburg students showcased their wide variety of talent on the stage at this year’s installation of Sandburg’s Got Talent. There was quite a large turnout of teachers, families, and students going to support the talented acts. Featuring several singing acts, a few musical instrument talents, and even a magic show, students demonstrated that Sandburg really does have talent.

One of the highlights of this year’s show was the annual choice of the outside act. This year, radio club and student council teamed up to book Robert DeLong, an electronic musician hailing from suburban Seattle. DeLong brought incredible energy to the crowd with his sick beats, using instruments like video game controllers to make some unique sounds.

Radio Club had a big part in planning the show. In charge of interviewing Robert DeLong, coordinating the tech aspect, and running the meet-and-greet after the show, the members put a lot of work into making the talent show run smoothly.

“I loved it, the music was very upbeat and the show was great. I got to interview and hang out with Robert DeLong. He’s a very down-to-earth guy, laid back and very nice. He even said he has a soft spot for Chicago,” said Violet Erikson, sophomore and active member of radio club.

The other big player in the show is Student Council. They have to be in charge of auditions, booking the outside act, instruments, sound, lights, ticket sales, and more. Everything needs to be accounted for, and with the number of people working on it, it can be hard. One of the main items of planning is finding an outside act to perform. They have to be within budget, available, appropriate for a high school club, and most importantly, well-loved by Sandburg students.

In addition to the planning that goes into it, the talent show wouldn’t be successful without the hard work put into it by each and every one of the performers. Not only do they have to put together their act well before auditions, they have to spend weeks perfecting it for the show.

Jessica Samawi, senior, knows very well how much work goes into these performances, as she is a veteran of the talent show, performing in it three years in a row.

“We prepared for a good two months, practicing on and off. It was a nice change of pace for me, since I had a new band and a new style of music. I wanted to do a more acoustic set, engage with the audience a little more. I also got to perform an original song!” said Samawi.

Her song is even debuting on iTunes within the coming weeks.

But through all the hard work and frazzled nerves, the payoff is worth it. This year’s winners were an act titled “IV” (pronounced “four”), consisting of Alyssa Schott, Abbey Dorey, Katie Hull and Jessi Winston. They sang an acapella version of “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes, accompanied by intricate clapping rhythms.

Although there was only one group of winners, every act gained the satisfaction of having their voice heard or their talent shown to the audience, and a sense of satisfaction for all their hard work. The audience’s enthusiasm was loud and obvious during the show. Junior Jack Ruane said, “The show was great and kept surprising me!”

Clearly, all are looking forward to that entertainment that next year’ Sandburg’s Got Talent will bring.

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