The tricky life history of teenage trends: how they come and go

March 28, 2016

Senior Caroline Hegg says that she loves crop tops because she always shrinks her shirts in the wash by accident. And they go along nicely with  high-waisted jeans.

Photo by Katie Manning

Senior Caroline Hegg says that she loves crop tops because she always shrinks her shirts in the wash by accident. And they go along nicely with high-waisted jeans.

The society we live in has been exposed to many trends, from imitating Kylie Jenner’s lips to doing the “dab.” But do you ever wonder why people actually follow these trends? Maybe it is normal for people in our society to follow the actions of celebrities in an effort to earn acceptance in a group. But no matter what, as time goes on trends will come and go.

For me, using trends needs to make sense, but at the same time they need to be interesting. If trends do not make sense, they should be banned. For example, I have personally seen on social media, or heard people call their friends, their significant other, and even celebrities, “bae.” This is very meaningless, because the word “bae” is an acronym that stands for “Before Anyone Else”. Your friend is not your “bae” if you already called Zac Efron “bae.” People are contradicting themselves by calling everyone “bae,” and that loses the meaning. The next generation should use words that are in a real dictionary.

Aside from my personal problems regarding trends, trends are fine. But the real question is: why are these trends so important? I believe that trends allow us to create a new story in our generation. But at the same time trends allows us to regret why we did certain things, such as the “nae nae” during that time. On a more serious note, trends are important because they allow people to predict the mood or behavior of the time. Even so, our lives are more dynamic because of trends no matter how useless they may be.

Emily Macijunas, a sophomore said, “Trends are important because they create memorable things about a time period and unite people.”

She believes that trends are really important to our society because they explain our generation of people. Which is very true because trends also allow us to be diversely cultured. Many people do not really care whether trends are here or not. However there are many fashion trends, phrases, and even words that should be banned.

Emily Macijunas mentions, “Crop tops should be banned because it is very useless. People should have the bottom half of their shirt.”

The tricky thing with trends is that some people may love them, while others make it their mission to oppose them. Everyone has differing opinions on trends.

Freshman Cassidy Leonard said, ”[Crop tops] are cute. I like them. And I would never call my significant other bae. I only use it sarcastically.”

I have found that trends are something very personal. Many people may dislike or like a trend. But it is all personal preference. I hated people saying YOLO because you do only live once but people just use it for everyday use. It is a very good motto. But you only live once sounds very stupid because people could say, “since you only live once, I’m going to jump off a building.” Other small things, like carrying a blanket around school can be a trend. In the end, people are judgmental and dislike many things that others may do. But it is something that you have to take into account.

Trends have a huge impact in our societal lives. However, some trends should very clearly be banned. No more of those words bae or yolo. These words are so two years ago. Since they are trends, we should move on and make new acronyms.

This is my personal preference on what trends should be banned. I am not saying that they are bad, but we need to move on. Our society does not see the trends from the 90’s back. It is rare to see people wearing denim on denim.

Aside from that it is a new year for all of us. I say that we banish these trends and leave the “whip” back in 2015.

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