New clubs are making home at Carl Sandburg High School

March 28, 2016

“Interested in playing board games and learning the strategies to win,” “Wanting to learn more about the Christian lifestyle?,” or “Looking to discuss environmental issues and other major issues?,” join Sandburg’s exclusive, new clubs have comecoming to our school this semester; Board Game Society, Global Awareness and Amplify. With student’s time and devotion, they are bringing new clubs for everyone. As we know, with over 70 clubs at Carl Sandburg, the list is already endless, but with these new additions students are hoping to pursue their interests and also, entice students with the same interest.

Beginning with Board Game Society, co-founders Evelina Ramoskaite, a senior at Sandburg and Madeleine Kienzle, a junior at Sandburg decided to create the club after doing a sociology experiment.

Evelina said, “One day, me and Maddy were playing a stratified game of Monopoly, where we were divided into social classes and depending on your class, you had a different starting point which made it really interesting. After playing, we thought we should make a club with board games,” and this was the birth of Board Game Society.

After finding a teacher to organize the club, Ms.Schacht, it was quickly approved leading to their first meeting which occurred in mid February. At Board Game Society, Evelina and Maddie have something planned for each meeting pertaining to whatever board game they choose.

Evelina said,“We vote on which game to play, then we have a short introduction – the rules, the possible strategies, the history of the game and then, we go right into playing the game.”

In regards to why Sandburg needs Board game society, Evelina said “I? she hopes for students to feel more at home in the Sandburg community while they are here, and that they just learn something about board games. The goal of Board Game society really is intellectual growth and a sense of community.”

Next, we have Amplify. Formerly known as Tribes, this club has been at Sandburg for over three years. It is just now starting to gain attention. Amplify is a religious club based around Christianity. Like the Muslim Student Association, it is not an official school club.

Organizer, Ciara Newman, a senior at Sandburg wants Amplify to be heard by everyone, she said “the point is to share the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the school and to bring students together so we can promote love and everything else that comes with this religion.”

As for during the meetings, Ciara said “We have different lessons we do every week. We try to talk about different themes presented in the bible and then discuss how we feel about it. We really try to make sure everyone is involved and comfortable. We do other fun stuff too, we have food and play kahoot and somedays we watch movies.”

The goal of Come to Amplify is to build a stronger relationship with God and to have some fun learning about christianity.

Last of all, is we have Global Awareness. This new controversial club is looking to “educate the minds Sandburg students in relation to… of our peers,” according to said club creator, Natalia Obrochta, a junior at Sandburg.

She said “We are here to break the ego-centrism that consumes a lot of the student body and raise awareness to problems they normally wouldn’t think about since it doesn’t effect them.” As for what club meetings are about, Natalia said “We like to discuss topics that aren’t normally addressed in common conversation.

This is a club about becoming socially aware so we are trying to discuss topics from an international standpoint.” Students interested in Come join Global Awareness to learning the underlying issues relating to the environment and society that we don’t necessarily get to see firsthand.

With all these new clubs, Sandburg students are hoping to helps other students find their place as they navigate through the many options. Students who Therefore, if students haven’t found their fit at Carl Sandburg High School, might consider come joining one of the many new clubs that are breaking barriers and hoping to enhance eager minds.

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