Collaboration of Advisories: The Object Art Project at Sandburg

March 28, 2016

Recently, the administrative staff at Sandburg removed trophy cases near the Coffee Shop and Faculty Dining room in the commons for a special project coordinated by the Beautification Committee. Every advisory will be given a box to collect objects from students who will bring in objects that represent pride to them. On Friday, March 11th the advisories will bring the boxes filled with objects to the Beautification Committee which will then coordinate with the a creative team made up of teachers such as Mr. McCabe and 25 students to create a sculpture representing Sandburg Pride.

The Beautification Committee at Sandburg High School is a teacher committee made up of about 25 teachers and the school’s principal Mrs. Baker. The purpose of this committee is one, to project a strong Sandburg identity and two, to communicate pride through our school aesthetic. Recently, the Committee wanted to created a project that involved all students at Sandburg and stumbled upon the idea of object art. A very common artistic style, object art involves taking a variety of objects in order to create a piece of artwork. The object art projects involves all advisories who will be asked to collects items from students that represent pride to them, but each advisories definition of pride might be different.

Mrs. Baker states, “Each advisory can decided what pride means. It can be pride of country, pride of school, pride of family, pride of material things, or pride of self.”

The objects given by the advisories and will then go to the creative committee made up of teachers and students. This creative team along with the Beautification Committee will sort through objects and under the creative team’s discretion a piece of artwork will be created. Some objects will be cut, painted, “mangled” and manipulated to create a piece of artwork that will sit near the Faculty Dining Hall in the commons. The process of creating the artwork will be involve all students even if they are not actually participating in the building process. In the commons the creative team will work during lunch periods for all students to be a part and see the process of this project. Additionally, the Beautification Committee will be filming a video of the entire process of the object art which will encompass: interviewing students in advisories on their opinion on the project, the distribution of objects and a time lapse of the construction of the artwork. It is estimated that the project will be finished by April. Uniting the school, the object art project includes every student at Sandburg working together to not only beautify the school’ aesthetic, but express Sandburg Pride.

Integrating the school, the object art project is a precursor to other projects that the Beautification Committee plans to undertake. The project is expected to be completed by April and there will be a ceremony to unveil the finished product. If it is successful, the object art project will set the foundation for other projects that the Committee will undertake such as the renovation of the courtyard. Bringing the school together, the object art project will beautify the school and exemplify Sandburg Pride.

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