Sandburg students take part in Illinois primaries

March 28, 2016

As the Illinois primary approaches, Carl Sandburg Seniors are finally eligible to put their voting age to use. This long anticipated election has made all young voters eager to finally make their political opinions matter. With a long list of Democratic and Republican candidates, the stakes are higher than ever, and making a single vote count more than a typical presidential election. Whether voting democratic or republican, the first step in this process is registering to vote. Not only is it the civil duty of any American citizen to vote, but even Sandburg wants all their seniors to take advantage of this long awaited privilege.

Through multiple Democratic and Republican debates, much of the Carl Sandburg body has stayed in tune with the speed of these candidates. With researching and learning about what each man and woman running would give if they were inaugurated as the President of the United States, a political opinion is formed. While the frontrunners, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump all differ in what they want for the American people, one will seemingly fit as the leader of this country, and part of that is a dependent on the future of young voters.

These seniors seem more excited to vote than any other age group, shown by the multiple arguments on social media about who would be the best candidate and why they would be. Though Amanda Buechele, a senior, is only 17 years old, she’s still able to vote in the primary. Especially being interested in politics Amanda is one of the many who’s ready to take full advantage of her civil duty, “I think it’s really cool that my vote finally counts into who runs the country that I live in.”

Bill Kolpak, another senior, and a future president of this country, is more ecstatic to vote in this election more than any other young adult! As Bill was one of the first people voting for the primaries at the Orland Park Township Center his enthusiasm was contagious, he said, “I was extremely excited to vote in the primary because it was the first time I exercised my right as a democratic citizen.”
Many people fought very hard to get the right to vote in this country, and Bill and many others feel strongly that if you’re 18 you should be voting, whether it’s the your state primary or the real election. Voting is a major part of your role as an American citizen as Bill would agree, “Voting is a part of democracy, and that’s the way it works.”

Obama’s two terms have been full of high points and low points, with many successes and failures, but he’s consistently had the best intentions, Bill believes voting is important as we will have a new leader of this country. This is a “turning pointing in American politics, as Obama has set a precedent of American liberalism for 8 years.”

While Obama’s two term presidency is coming to close, this upcoming election and inauguration could be someone of the beliefs of democratic socialism, fascism, liberalism, and conservatism as this is left for the American citizens to decide. This country could be going through major changes depending on who wins this election coming up in November, and who makes it past the primary, making it vital for Sandburg seniors and young people to go out there and make their vote count. for school earlier.”

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