NHS runs annual blood drive

March 28, 2016

Carl Sandburg held the second blood drive of this school year. It ended very successfully so much that many students and the blood drive workers stayed after school all the way to 4:30 to finish collecting the blood of the students.

The blood drive consisted of five stations. The first station was to check-in and read a booklet that talks about the risks and the precautions of donating blood. The next station was asking the donator questions about their health. Before donating blood, it was important to check your blood type and iron levels to see if the person was healthy enough to donate. Finally people were able to donate. The best station was being able to sit down and eat a bag of corn chips and drink orange juice.

There were many new faces and returning faces to this blood drive. Ashley Allgood, a sophomore said, “My mom donates regularly so I wanted to help out the community” Ashley Allgood expressed how she wanted to help the community because of her mother and well as wanted to try out this experience. Allison Keating, another sophomore said, “I really wanted to help someone who needed the blood” Most of the students at Carl Sandburg wanted to greatly be part of this community. Not only that but be helpful towards other people which was great to see.

After donating blood, there seemed to be many drained out people. Even after there was a needle in them. Many people were glad to be helping out. Meghan Amend, a junior said, “You feel really helpful and feel like you’re really making a difference”

Throughout this day, many people strongly believed that they were helping others and felt great about it. Everyone that was there wanted to donate their blood again.

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