The Increase in School Spirit owes a lot to our Superfanz

March 29, 2016

This year has been an especially monumental year for Sandburg because this was the year that our senior class started Superfanz, which has contributed to an unprecedented rise in school spirit and involvement overall. Superfanz, in addition to increased school spirit, have allowed more students to know what events are happening in the school, what the results of competitions are, and who is involved in what activities and sports. More fans have been attending volleyball and basketball games, swimming and track meets, and the school spirit has even extended to non-athletic clubs such as Model UN and speech. It is now easier than ever to showcase school spirit for Sandburg by taking friends to games, retweeting the results of matches and conferences, and checking the Superfanz app.

While there were many students across all grade levels interested in increasing school spirit, our motivated senior class was at the heart of this revolution. The class of 2016 accomplished much, but will most likely be remembered for their dedication to the school itself. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that were also involved in this process can pass on the legacy to others and continue to uphold this new tradition of increased school spirit in all the Sandburg sports and clubs.

Indeed, plans to increase school spirit began last year, as determined students and administration started discussing ideas for how to increase school involvement and spirit. Other schools in the district and in nearby districts seemed to be excelling in this category, while our school seemed to be falling short in school pride and involvement; therefore, changes were needed to help Sandburg students step up their game.

Since the implementation of Superfanz and the launch of the app, it seems that nearly the entire school has gotten more involved in every sort of activity that Sandburg has to offer. While football games are still the most popular game to attend, students have been attending competitions and games for more sports than ever before.

Games for sports such as swimming and track, which often do not receive many fans, have witnessed larger crowds this year than before largely because of Superfanz and this increased pride in the school. The increased support for Sandburg athletes may even have a contagious effect on the athletes and motivate them to do even better and work even harder so that they can represent their determined fans and the school itself in championships.

Even those students who still do not attend games and events know more about what is going on simply because Sandburg news is more talked about, tweeted, and respected. These students who are too busy or who do not enjoy games can still feel involved and know what is going on because of this increased discussion of and pride in Sandburg events.

The best part is that even though the increase in school spirit has largely been for athletic-related events, non-athletic clubs have also been receiving more attention. Perhaps the increase in school spirit has been contagious and has energized everyone, even those not involved athletically, but who still dedicate hours upon hours to speeches, musical performances, rehearsals, and artwork.

Seniors that have made their mark and are leaving Sandburg now, can pride themselves on knowing that they contributed to enhancing the atmosphere of the school and encouraging school spirit. Even those students that are not seniors yet, but were still integral to the Superfanz process deserve a recognition of their accomplishments in increasing school spirit. Hopefully, Sandburg students will continue to uphold this legacy and in the years to come, school spirit and pride will increase even more for all athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities.

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