Chicago: The wildcard of the Midwest, and my favorite city

Maura Hanley, Staff Writer

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If you know me, you know I’m notorious for complaining about Illinois. I complain about how there’s nothing to do, and how the corn outnumbers the people three million to one, and how if we ever want to do anything we have to spend money, aka stuff we don’t have and have to steal from our parents. We could sprint through corn fields and get lost! Sounds like a blast! But honestly, I’m pretty wrong on that front. Well, no, I may be correct on the money front, but we have something that nowhere else in the entire world has: Chicago. Other places have cities. Each of those cities has a rich and vibrant history, filled with culture, life, and its own type of people. But nowhere else has Chicago! I firmly believe we are the best city in the world. And yes, I said we. I am Chicago. You are Chicago. We are Chicago. It’s science.

We are fortunate enough to live about an hour away from an exciting hub of energy and experiences. Chicago is the host to thousands of concerts per year, from gigantic festivals in parks, to small, intimate venues where you can connect to your favorite artists. There are also some of the best pizza places in the world. I mean, come on, we invented deep dish! That’s pretty impressive. Chicago is also right on a lake called Lake Michigan. Maybe you’ve heard of it–It’s a big one. It’s pretty cool because there are different beaches to take the train to, where you can meet up with friends and maybe make some new ones. That’s not hard to do, because Midwesterners are some of the most chill and friendly people in America. My cousin moved to California from Chicago, and she says that she can spot a Midwesterner from a mile away because of their low-key and low-maintenance personality, as opposed to stereotypically uppity Californians.

For my friend’s birthday, we stayed in Trump Tower. Say what you want about the man, but his hotel is pretty cool. Chicago is the perfect place to cause a ruckus, and Trump’s hotel is no exception. It’s right in the center of everything, so there were a lot of places to stick our noses in. We were yelled at for standing on some walls like a bunch of rebels in Millennium Park. We also overdosed on skillets made by angels. After that, we ran through a snowstorm and lost umbrellas in a fight against the wind, and were later kicked out of two AMC theatres because apparently, not all regional managers can be as cool as Michael Scott. Alright, I know none of that made any sense, but I’m just trying to prove a not-so-far fetched point about Chicago being a true wild card. You never know what’s about to happen, and it’s more than beautiful.

As I’ve said, almost anything can happen. Want to know how powerful that word “almost” is in this city? Because I can tell you. Oh man, I can tell you. I had a day FULL of almosts. First off, we almost missed the train. Next, my friends and I almost got arrested on the train ride. We were going down to exchange Christmas presents, all bright and merry. We also wanted to all get student discounts on tickets, but I stupidly forgot my ID. I tried to be sneaky and use my friends ID but the conductor caught me and gave me a ten minute lecture in front of the whole train car about how I had “attempted to commit theft by deception”. Okay buddy, I just wanted a few bucks off a train ticket, I didn’t commit identity fraud or rob a bank. Then, finally off that terror-mobile of a train, we had to run to make our reservation at Wildberry Café (highly recommended by the way). On the way, we almost got hit by a car. My friend Angeline screamed “HIT ME!!” at the poor driver. Her explanation was that she wanted him to pay for her college (astounding logic, Ange). The second to last almost was almost falling off a railing and down into the Millennium Park ice rink while trying to take cute pictures. It wasn’t an easy feat, and we almost died, but the pictures turned out pretty nice. Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a complete day if we didn’t almost miss our train back home, now would it? In case you were wondering, the next conductor was quite understanding to my forgetfulness and spared me another roast session. Shout out to him.

Chicago has incredible shopping, restaurants, concerts, beaches, and of course, the best sports teams in the world (I’m looking at you, Blackhawks). There’s no reason to complain about living here. Sure, I want to go out of state for college to get my own feel of the world, but I’ll definitely come back. Chicago won’t miss me too much, though, it has enough going on.

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Chicago: The wildcard of the Midwest, and my favorite city