Orland Park to Italy: Tasting Gelato at Mariano’s

March 29, 2016

The possibilities for a frozen, delicious dessert nowadays are infinite. Between ice cream, froyo, frozen custard, Italian ice, gelato, sorbetto, milkshakes, and smoothies, it’s no wonder people never know which one to pick, or where to go to get a yummy frozen treat. Lately, gelato has been a popular choice, especially among teens. With the opening of Mariano’s in Orland Park, many young people are drawn to the food bars and buffets offered at the store, one of those being Vero gelato bar.

The gelato bar has a wide variety of flavors to choose from. When approaching the gelato tasting, the barista will give you the option to sample out the flavors. They Italian gelato flavors include: Peach. Lemon Sorbetto, Pistachio, Cappuccino, Banana Nut Love, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup, Mint Chocolate Chip, Lemon Basil Sorbetto, Strawberry, Rum Raisin, Hazelnut, and Opera Italiana.
Free samples of each of the flavors are allowed until you have decided on which gelato you would like to buy. The Vero program offers customers to get a Mariano’s rewards card which allows members to get every 11th item free, whether that be gelato, a dessert, or coffee, hot chocolate and shares offered at the Vero bar, after 10 purchases using the rewards card.

Our very own Aquila editors went to check out the gelato bar at Mariano’s on Thursday, March 3, and tried out various delicious flavors, satisfying to anyone’s taste buds. Each editor decided on a favorite flavor and vouched for why it is the best one.

Features editor Caroline Hegg said, “The Lemon Basil Sorbetto is my favorite because it tastes like summer, so sweet and delicious.”

The peculiar-looking gelato has a very unique taste, appealing to customers willing to try new things.
Opinions editor Viktor Milosavljević said, “Strawberry Gelato is the best of all worlds. It’s like a smoothie, ice cream, and froyo combined into a delicious treat perfect for dessert.”

This tangy classic offers a sweet chill sensation for any customer seeking a not-too-fancy, yet delectable gelato.

Editor-in-chief Katie Manning said, “My favorite flavor was the Banana Nut Love because it’s just so fruity and good.”

The flavorful banana gelato creates a fruity symphony in the customer’s mouth.

However, some people just like to stick to rigidly and common flavors. The gelato bar also offers them along with extraordinary Italian ones.

Senior Annie Siebenaler said, “ I always just like to stick to the flavors I like so I went with the Strawberry, but it’s definitely really good.”

Whether you like to try new flavors, or stick to old original ones, the Mariano’s Vero gelato bar has got it there. Our editors enjoyed the tasty experience and and so will you.

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