Concert Review: Sandburg Orchestra puts on another stellar show

March 29, 2016

Thursday night, March 10th, parents, friends, and other appreciators of music inhabited the PAC to experience and listen to the annual Winter Orchestra Concert.

Featuring the Concert, Philharmonic, and Symphonic Orchestras, the concert was an aural display of months of preparation. Dr. Nussbaum, the orchestra director, conducted seven of eight pieces (the other one conducted by Aquila editor-in-chief Justyna Skowronski), rehearsing between two and three pieces with these dedicated groups of musicians.

Sandburg musicians are never ones to back down to a challenge when it comes to complicated music. In fact, as evidenced by a four-year member’s precedent for her favorite song, they embrace them.

Zahwa Hajyousif, senior and viola player, said, “Dance of the Furies [from Orfeo, composed by C.W. Gluck] was my favorite piece. It had a very cynical undertone and was challenging enough to remain interesting to rehearse.”

As growing instrumentalists, demanding pieces like these require the most rehearsal and attention in order to meet the performance’s observably high caliber.

Zahwa Hajyousif said, “we do sectionals in order to work on specific challenges every section faces. We also listen to the piece as a class so what we’re dealing with before we jump in.”

The calculated and meticulous nature of these rehearsals does not diminish the emotional musicality practiced by student musicians, though. Tanner Vanderkrabben, senior and cello player, was given the opportunity to perform Concerto for Cello and Orchestra composed by E. Elgar as a senior solo, featured prominently in possibly his most pivotal piece of his high school career.

He stated, “this concert was special to me because I had my senior solo, which was my big moment that I’ve been waiting to have since freshman year.”

Tanner Vanderkrabben’s unwavering drive to succeed as a musician is one with substantial merit as he, like numerous others involved in the Sandburg orchestra program , plans on pursuing music in college and as a career, continuing to follow his passion.

“Music is the only thing that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life,” said Vanderkrabben.

But as for the present, the musicians who participated in the concert highlight their musical commitment with their performance, and they, along with their director, had much to be proud of that night.

Josh Otto, senior and violin player, said, “I felt that this concert was one of our best concerts. Last year we got a brand new orchestra director who has taken the program to a whole new level. Each concert since she has been here has gotten better and better. This most recent concert was truly amazing, however. We really showed what we can do when we work hard and perform to the best of our abilities.”

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