Is the hype real for Frank Ocean’s new album, “Blond”?

October 7, 2016

Since the famous vine of the potato flying around a room, Frank Ocean finally released his anticipated studio album, Blond, on August 20th. After years and years of his fans waiting, Frank Ocean dropped his highly anticipated album, but not before making his fans go through false release dates and endless waiting for the masterpiece Ocean would create. Many people may have wondered whether or not Frank Ocean was dead or if he just gave up music after his six grammy nominations. I certainly thought he disappeared and moved to a different planet. No one knew until he finally dropped “Blond”.

Before Ocean’s six nominations for his debut album, Channel Orange, he had no name in the music industry. But being in a group called Odd Future allowed his dreams to grow when he got a record deal with Def Jam in 2009. But since then, the r&b singer has laid low and out of the public’s sight.

I was waiting for this album for so long I could not wait, so I purchased the ten-dollars-a-month Apple Music just to listen to the album. Of course, I could have waited until the album was on Spotify, but I needed to hear it. Once I did hear the album, my initial reaction was one of confusion and curiosity. One of the songs on the album is not even a song, it is a cautious voicemail from a mother and a story told by a French producer, SebastiAn. In the album, Frank hits us with a song that has an instrumental beginning and in the chorus he sings softly, like a light shined through a dark room. He uses these techniques in his music, and I was truthfully not into the album the first time I listened. The hype for this album was gone. But after the second time around with the lyrics, I was listening to it every day. The uniqueness of each song is very addictive to me.

Frank Ocean is one of the most genius songwriters I have ever listened to. I love the lyrics and the music goes with it so well. In his songs from Channel Orange as well as the latest album, you can listen to each song and behind that song is a story Ocean wants to tell. He always has a message, whether it is controversial or from his own life, that he wants to send out to his listeners . He puts it in his music even if listeners do not even know what type of message he is sending. Many of his music has a dark message but pays tribute to many victims to controversial topics. Many of the topics are feelings hat people experience everyday: love, sadness, misery, despair and loneliness. The content that Ocean creates arises as art.

“Blond” is unique to current listeners becuase he incorporates church music like in Godspeed and children’s choir. The songs on this album create many mixed reactions, mainly because of the different style Ocean is using. But this is the reaction Ocean wants to create. Ocean uses the style of fitting chords together that do not fit well together to create dissonance, or makes the lyrics come in and out throughout the music. Many of my friends listened to his album and do not like it. They say “After years of waiting this is the music that he releases?”, but Ocean expected this from many people. He does not care about other people’s criticism. Instead he focuses his music on the content and his message to others.

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