Follow the fashion trend or stay independent: Sandburg’s choice

October 7, 2016

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Follow the fashion trend or stay independent: Sandburg’s choice

Who said you can’t repeat the past? From windbreakers to highwaisted pants to scrunchies, 90’s fashion is finding its way back to the twenety-first century. Teenagers across the globe have been dusting off the trends people had in the 1990’s. More importantly, this trend is migrating its way toward Carl Sandburg students.

The day a doctor announces, ‘It’s a girl!’, guidelines are already set for females and what girls should do to be a proper female. Girls are told to dress prim and proper, but the colorful world of girl fashion has become an imitation of obscenity: an elegantly waisted look. This statement is a sort of rebellious look- a controlled standard for yourself that goes against the norm. Let’s review: when someone is wearing a choker, people immediately have biased views, thinking of dog collars, sexual connotation, or your classic degenerate.

Sheila Prizybytek is a junior who thoroughly enjoys the 90’s fashion uprise and thinks it’s a powerful movement.

“Everyone goes through phases, do your own thing”, she said.

She reminisced on her own childhood phases, recalling how, as a youngster, she would frolic around in Vans and sweatshirts. Now she wears vintage clothing, but a much different style then your edgy mainstream look. Looking at society, she thinks the media has only accepted one side of the 90’s fashion, not taking in and appreciating its true glory. With vintage clothing comes its numerous categories, some being: grunge, hippie, and gypsy. Chokers and high-waisted pants are the only thing that is incorporated in the 90’s trend in today’s media, neglecting the other unknown divisions… for now. Fashion is forever expanding and evolving. There are high hopes for the further development on vintage attire. As far as fashion goes, Sheila encourages others to dance to the beat of your own drum.

Maritza Torres, sophomore, is also a strong believer in the retro look. She describes this look to be pastel, out-washed clothing that consists of bomber jackets, bodysuits, high-waisted jeans, chokers, etc. Maritza is quite trendy; she updates her style often and frequently. Therefore, she meant business when she said, “This style is different. I really like this look and don’t see myself changing it in the near future.”

A lot of self-esteem comes from being able to express yourself properly. Whether what people may wear is traditional or unconventional, it ultimately leads up to a person’s confidence. An individual should never be ashamed for being who they are, and liking things that may not be socially acceptable.

Being alive during the 1990’s is a much different perspective than being told the history of the 1990’s. Sandburg’s sociology teacher, Mr. Mattera, gives an insight to offer some social perspective. Mr. Mattera is interested in the fact that fashion and trends are constantly recycling throughout generations, but the 1990’s was a breakthrough.

“When the 90’s fashion movement came, it tested feminine and sexual boundaries- it created dress codes”, siad Mr. Mattera. He remembers the 90’s to be a complex era regarding fashion. For each generation you could easily define their fashion. For example, the 60’s and the outbreak of short skirts and collared shirts. In contrast to the 90’s fashion, there really is no dominant style. The popularity of style throughout the years deeply intrigues Mr. Mattera, for it is part of the study of sociology.

Years from now, the students of Carl Sandburg will look back at their antique photos from high school and chuckle about what they thought looked good on them. Trends are constantly changing, whether people keep up with the current style or go with their own flow. Stay fabulous, Sandburg.

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