High School in the 90’s: When I was 17 with Mrs. Ulrich

Kristen Garcia, Perspectives Editor

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What high school did you attend?
“I went to Barrington High School.”


What was your favorite subject in high school

“My favorite subject was probably either AP Physics class because I had a really inspirational teacher that really motivated us, even though science wasn’t really my thing. Or it was my junior year interrelated arts class that combined English with Music, Drama, and Art. It was really neat to see the connections.”


What about your least favorite [class]?

“My least favorite class [freshman year English] was not really my least favorite but it was probably because I struggled so much to get the grade I wanted. The teacher was good and the class was good, I just remember it being my least favorite because I kept striving for the better grade.”


What activities were you involved with in and out of school?

“My two big things were that I played tennis all four years on the tennis team and then I danced out of school at a local dance studio taking tap, ballet, pointe, and jazz.”


What was fashion like when you were in high school and what would you wear?

“Fashion was definitely from what I see kids wearing today. We wore a lot baggier clothes, lots of denim, flannels, and hiking boots. Not like short skirts or more provocative things that you might see today.”


What type of music did you listen to?

“I wasn’t very good at getting into music myself; it was more just like what people were listening to that I was influenced by. So around that time there was grunge music coming out so we’d listened to that even though I didn’t love it. Of course there were still the classics; people would still listen to 80s music even though I was in high school in the 90s so you always had your Madonna and Michael Jackson and so forth.”


How would you spend a typical Friday night?

“I remember spending most Friday nights, at least in the fall, going to the varsity football games. I remember them being really really fun, lots of school spirit! And then we’d go out with the football players afterwards.”


What’s a fun fact about you in high school?

“My first job was working at a patisserie which was this fancy bakery. That propelled my love of food. It is the best bakery to this day and I’ve lived in the city forever. I also loved my job and being independent and helping people, waiting on them, helping them pick out their pastries and cakes.”


What initially did you want to study?

“I did not know what I wanted to do or where I wanted go to school like college wise. I have three older siblings and one younger sibling, so I watched my three older siblings pave the way with colleges. I got influenced indirectly to go to a good school but I definitely didn’t know what I wanted to go into. I just knew I wanted to go to the best school I could get into.”


What was your most memorable experience in high school?

“I grew up on the Fox River, my parents had a boat. I got my boaters license so that I could start driving it because otherwise you had to have your driver’s license and I was actually driving a boat before a car. I just remember spending fun times cruising up and down the river teaching my friends how to water ski and kneeboard. We’d go to a local restaurant on the river or go to Baskin-Robbins and get a whole pie and just eat it on the boat.”


What advice do you have for your former 17 year old self?

“I would tell myself not to worry and just enjoy the time for what it is. I wanted to go beyond and see what stage was next but there’s always fun times to be had at the stage you’re at.”


Sidebar: “There’s always fun times to be had at the stage you’re at.

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