Beloved pets in cute and spooky costumes

Emmett Twomey, Features Editor

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Halloween is upon us, and while that means toothaches for days and seemingly endless amounts of candy gone by the next day (thanks to the parents), it’s also a time for dressing up, and more importantly, dressing our beloved furry companions in adorable little costumes. Human costume-dressing is often traced back to 1585, when people in the United Kingdom used them to scare off supernatural beings and demons. However, as time went on, costumes have been used as fun masquerades for everyone and their pets who trick-or-treat. Kids from Sandburg have also gotten in on the fun of dressing up their pets.

Sandburg students from all over dress up their pets to get into the spirit of Halloween. From other animals to food, pets are subject to whatever costume their owner can find.

“It’s just a way to show our pets we love them,” says junior Erin Falsey. Pets in costumes can bring most of Sandburg’s students joy, and who doesn’t love furry little companions dressed in costume?

“One of the big reasons that I dress my pet up is so that I have something to laugh at,” said junior Michael Ring. And while some students may dress them up for giggles, others think costume dressing is vital to getting in a spooky mood.

“One year,I dressed my dog up in his costume so that he can complete my own. I was Boba Fett and he was an Ewok,” said freshman Peter Bukiri

Costume dressing, initially starting with humans only, has spread quickly to animals for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be for a more serious pair costume or just to get a laugh out of an audience, most can agree pet dressing is a fun time to kick off their Halloween. Some students even bring their dog or other pet with them trick-or-treating.

“One year when I was younger, I decided to bring my dog Charlie as a goldfish. It was a huge hit,” said sophomore George Kozar.

Dressing our pets in costumes, whatever the reason may be, can be mostly agreed upon with the fact that it brings a smile to our face whenever we see our cuddly companions in little costumes.

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