Notes from Student Council President Maria Krause

Maria krause, Contributing Writer

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If you take the 3:00 bus – listen up. I feel like it’s my job to update you on some Sandburg happenings and maybe change your mind about getting involved. As Student Council President at this fine Burg of Sand, I’m proud to announce the events planned and executed by the Student Council this year.

This year we had over 1,800 students attend our Broadway themed Homecoming dance that followed spirit week. But what you might not know is that nearly 300 students in the Student Council decided themes for each spirit day and fulfilled countless duties for the week including decorating for the dance and working daily lunchtime and after-school events to make it all possible. Not impressed? We also planned a Veterans luncheon as a thank you to all those who have served in our community including musical performances and a “talk and share” portion where students could hear all of these brave stories. Still not exciting? Let’s take it to a school-wide level. As a student body, our school donated two vans full of canned food to the Orland Township Food Pantry and over 60 students signed up to donate blood to the Heartland Blood Center. As a new tradition, clubs decorated festive trees for their clubs to get in the holiday spirit. Looking towards next semester, we have also been working to plan this year’s Sandburg’s Got Talent show with a new headliner in addition to preparing for a revamped Turnabout dance and spirit week.

I’m not trying to bore you here with how many great clubs there are, but whether you have one or seven semesters left of high school, our time at Sandburg is short and we’re only in high school once. So why not be in the know and experience what our school has to offer? I promise, an hour after school doing what you enjoy can make those hours in class a bit more exciting.

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