The road to State with the seniors of Girls Swimming

Samantha Warchol, Staff Writer

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The Girls Swim team’s season has been nothing but outstanding. Although the season is coming to a close, many team members still have one competition to look forward to and work towards: the State Championship meet. Their hard work and dedication has paid off, because many swimmers, especially seniors, qualified for that specific meet recently.

The Girls Swim team is comprised of many girls of many ages, but is mainly made up of seniors this year, with a whopping total of nineteen.

Senior Bella Wrobel said, “It was fun this year to have so many seniors on our team. It really helped to have nineteen leaders on the team to help the underclassmen.”

Most importantly, the Girls Swim team works hard at each practice, whether they are up early at 5:30 in the morning practicing or working out in the fitness center after school to build their muscle and strength for the pool. They worked extremely hard to perfect their skills so they could reach their goal of making it to State, which is what the girls did at Sectionals.

The swim Sectional meet was recently held here at Sandburg’s Aquatic Center. This meet was one of the most intense ones the team has faced, and a lot was riding on their success there. Most of the participants on the Sandburg Girls Swim team were seniors, and they wanted to dominate at Sectionals so they could make it to State their senior year of high school. In the end, the Sectional meet came down to one-hundredth of a second. The biggest competitor for Sandburg was Lockport. Throughout the entire meet, they were very close in their points , and it came down to the 400-yard freestyle relay. The Sandburg Girls Swim relay team consists of Madison Stuursma, Erin Falsey, Bella Wrobel and Tara Maher. They came in a close second to Lockport with a time of 3:34.30. Lockport’s time was 3:34.29. Although this was a tough loss for the Sandburg relay team, they all qualified for State and got another chance to compete.

Senior Tara Maher said “Sectionals was tough and we had some really great competition, but I can’t wait to swim at State next weekend. It is going to be so much fun.”

Overall, Sandburg came in a close second place at Sectionals and qualified many other seniors to State, such as Natalie Barkowski and Ashley Asiddao in their 200 freestyle relay along with Madison Stuursma and Bella Wrobel.

Senior Bella Wrobel said, “I am so excited that I qualified for State my senior year. I am so excited to show everyone at State what the Sandburg Swim team is all about.”

All in all, the Sectional meet was one for the books for Sandburg. Although they received second plac, they dominated in most of their races and beat many personal records.

At the State meet, Sandburg swam their hardest. The girls did not place as highly as they had hoped, but they put their all into their performance in the pool. The 400-yard freestyle relay team almost beat their time from Sectionals and placed 31st at State. The meet was bittersweet for many seniors who knew it would be the last meet for them. The five seniors who qualified are unsure if they will swim in college, so they wanted the season to end well. They may not have gotten the times they were hoping for, but they showed their dedication to swimming at the State meet.

Senior Bella Wrobel said, “We were very happy with the way we swam despite being ‘over-rested’ for the meet. It’s bittersweet thinking that even though all of the hardest workouts are over, State was the last meet that we would ever swim as the team we are.”

The Girls Swim team made their mark this season and accomplished their main goal of making it to State. They will continue to feed off of their success and cannot wait for the future.

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