Momentous signing day at Sandburg for student athletes

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Momentous signing day at Sandburg for student athletes

Sam Summers, Staff Writer

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Deciding where to go to college is a big step in an athlete’s future. Athletes have to choose a school where they feel comfortable playing, as well as somewhere they can continue studying in a field they enjoy.

Here at Sandburg, there are some outstanding athletes who were given multiple options on where they could continue their education as well as play their sport. Sandburg just recently had signing day–a day where athletes commit to the college of their choice. Early commitment is from November 8 to November 15. Signing day is specifically for athletes who are choosing to go to a Division I or II school.

At Sandburg, seven athletic students committed to a college. Branden Comia, Evan Tenuta, Andrew Tenison, Andrew Dematteo, and Ryan Hampe all committed to play baseball in college. Also, two softball players, Heather Vetter and Ashley Wood, have also chosen to play in college. All of these amazing athletes have committed so much time to training, leading up to where they are today. They’ve spent so much time that it just seems their sport has been a part of their life forever.

Ryan Hampe said, “I started playing when I was 5 or 6. My parents started me pretty young.” Hampe has been playing ever since that age.
Heather Vetter said, “I chose Aurora because they allowed me to go into the nursing program and still play all four years. The campus is also so pretty, and the coach personally connects with all the players every week, which I think is a key role in a team’s success.”

Heather is hoping to work in the medical field as a nurse. She believes she is going to stop playing softball to follow her dream of becoming a nurse.
Ashley Wood chose to sign with Southern Illinois. She said, “I chose Southern Illinois because it was farther away from home, the facilities were nice, and I loved the coaches and how close them team was.” After college, Wood hopes to earn a master’s degree in the field she chooses.

Andrew Tenison chose Lewis. He said, “I chose to go to Lewis because they had multiple majors that I found myself interested in, and they gave me a big scholarship to play there.” Tenison, like most baseball players, hopes to play professionally in the MLB one day, but he is also hoping to become a pilot if he doesn’t play professionally.

Ryan Hampe chose University of Illinois Chicago. He said, “They had my major and excel in my major, the baseball team is very good, and the facilities are outstanding. It was not too far from home, and I love being downtown.” Hampe is hoping to study Computer Engineering in college and pursue a career in that field. He is hoping that his baseball career in college will be successful, and if the opportunity comes, he would like to play professionally.

Evan Tenuta signed to go to Notre Dame. He said, “It has a tremendous reputation, an opportunity to get a world-class education, proximity to my family, and the opportunity to play baseball in the very competitive Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).” Tenuta hopes to stay focused in school and in baseball. He plans to play baseball as long as possible, graduate from Notre Dame, and obtain a business degree.

Branden Comia signed to play at the University of Illinois.

These athletes all signed at the early signing day. There is still another regular signing day, and still more athletes from a variety of sports at Sandburg will take another step forward into their futures.

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