Common slang terms that minimize the mental health issue

Emmett Twomey, Features Editor

December 18, 2017

How many times have you said something, and then immediately wished you could have taken it back? The truth is, almost everyone has spoken some pretty awful words at one point or another. And no matter the severity of the words,...

Traveling to better your mental health and perspective

Julia Canellis, Staff Writer

December 18, 2017

With assignment deadlines, extracurricular activities, and friends, a teen’s life can be stressful. However, there is something you can do to ease the problems: travel! Not only is traveling an exciting way to meet new people...

Not another statistic: combating the mental health stigma

Kathleen Kimmey, Staff Writer

December 18, 2017

On June 14th, 2017, I had my firs panic attack. It was likely one of the scariest things I have ever had to go through, as I had never experienced one before. I felt a rush of terror and pain, like a wave rushing over my body...

These teens are driving me crazy: being a Sandburg Driver’s Ed teacher

Anastasia Berdusis, Staff Writer

November 10, 2017

Driver’s Ed teachers are a huge part of Sandburg’s community. People know about the kid’s point of view, but what about the teacher? Teaching kids the rules of the road is a tough job and keeping everyone safe is a huge...

The Missing Element: Why Kids Are really Bored In School

Ciara Newman, Staff Writer

March 29, 2016

American kids spend about 14,000 hours of their childhood in school. That’s six hours a day for 180 days per year (the minimum amount of days required to be in school), multiplied by all the grade levels to possibly go through—from...

Breaking the stigma: raising awareness of mental health

Katie Manning @HopeLoveEarth, Editor-in-chief

March 28, 2016

Maintaining mental health is critical to living a happy and fulfilling life. As important as it is, mental health is oftentimes ignored or disregarded because many people seem to not want to associate themselves with mental illnesses....